• web design
  • graphic design
  • interactive computing
  • online marketing
  • web & svg animation
  • with Adobe Creative Suite, Keynote, MacOS, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace...


  • JavaScript/RxJS
  • OOP & Web APP
  • WordPress
  • Web Inspector/DevTools
  • VS Code/Git

Selected work

Web app design, game design

Web design, WordPress

Book & web design, prepress

Everything design

Web app design

Responsive web design

Responsive web design

Responsive web design

Responsive web design

Graphic, web design & Marketing

Graphic, web design, animations, presentations, photography...


​I first started by sketching on the back of my school worksheets, then drawing a single picture for days. Fell in love with computers since Commodore 64 and started programming in Basic and Pascal. I had endless night-sessions with my first 2400K modem, even before WWW even existed, and witnessed the information revolution first hand. Later on, with DTP available on computers, I got involved with Graphic design, down the road becoming a Marketing manager and, with the Internet boom - I went into freelance Web design. I was blown away by how the Internet had shifted the entity from energy to information and had given us freedom to read, listen and watch whatever we’re interested in, whenever we want. It changed the way we study, the way we run businesses, the way we spend our free time and, eventually, changed our view of the world. I knew back then that I would be part of this revolution and that, with my 20+ years of experience, I would be able to help someone post something valuable - available to everyone, and that that ability will yet change our lives.
​I bundle your story with unique design, efficient code and extra marketing that will give you memorable professional online presence and help you attract, engage and retain visitors. In addition to that, you will be easy to find in the sea of information. Starting from the drawings on cave walls, writing in books and newspapers, through radio, animations and television, storytelling has been in existence since we can recall. Now the time has come when I can offer you extraordinarily designed and developed solution that will unite those mediums and add interactivity for a perfect web experience, apps, together with logo design, brochures, advertisements or presentations - to position your brand in your customer's mind.
​It will look clean, elegant, exciting and be fast, simple, intuitive and user friendly.
The story will be optimized for all mediums, screen sizes, network speeds, device performances and power saving options.
It will be organized and tailored to your target audience, industry and character.
It will be simply stunning. Everybody has a story to tell. I hope I will retell yours.
Oh, I almost forgot, I have magic in my fingertips too.